Tone hall #2

This is our second tone hall which differs in its live acoustics. It is a perfect place for recording acoustic instruments and it definitely has a characater of a nice big chamber. This is a wooden room of 35 square meters in size and 6 meters in height which has two big windows with a picturesque view of the forest. This is not only a place for recording, but also for composing. The reverberation time in the empty room is 2 seconds with a really nice almost flat decay on all frequencies. Placing some furniture, carpets or rolling baffles in the room helps shorten the reverberation time up to 1-1,5 seconds preserving the decay characteristics.

One of the creative ways of using this room is to consider it a chamber – an extension of the main tone hall. This can be easily achieved by opening the door between these two rooms, resulting in a really nice long deep space. This trick is often used in world-famous studios in Europe and USA.