Dear friends!

This page is devoted to all music lovers, who value the quality of the sound and consider magnetic tape to be the best audio medium.

Here you can find detailed information about our tape releases as well as photos, videos and interviews with musicians.

In the beginning when we started to design and construct our studio, we had no doubt that we are going to make analog recordings. We sincerely believe that only analog can truly and genuinely convey all the emotions and warmth of the music that we record.

Music that we record and release on tapes is preferably jazz or chamber classical music.

Unlike other tape distribution labels we make “original studio master-tapes”. It means, that from start to finish it’s our own product, recorded, mixed and mastered at our studio.

We’ve equipped our studio with a lot of professional modern and, of course, vintage gear, that helps us with the entire recording process. (Equipment list).

First of all it is about our microphones that capture the sound. The list of microphones includes many different models and of course ones that are considered classic: NEUMANN, AKG, SCHOEPS, SHURE and etc.

For analog workflow it is about the great analog console and we are lucky to have fully analog 48-channel AUDIENT ASP 8024 Heritage Edition.

Sviatoslav Belonogov
Parthia Amabilis
Viola d'amore
Andre Bernovski
Preludio Saudade [Tape 2]
Classical guitar
Rommitz & The Ol’Time Shakers
Romantic fools
Dmitry Lukyanov
Waltz for Sophie
Sviatoslav Belonogov
Viola d'amore
Michel Weber & Bernard Schwenter Trio
My ideal
Old jazz
Jon Davis Trio
Jazz unites continents
Instrumental jazz
Andre Bernovski
Preludio Saudade [Tape 1]
Classical guitar
Sviatoslav Belonogov & Tatyana Ryabova
Encores d'Amour
Viola d'amore | Piano
Kristina Kovalyova
After the Door
Sviatoslav Belonogov & Tatyana Ryabova
Corde dell'Anima
Viola d'amore | Organo
Denis Mazhukov
Live in Studio
Dasha Antsiferova
Ах, Кабы Не Было Тумана
Kristina Kovalyova & Anton Zubarev Trio
My Favourite Things
Classic Jazz
Kristina Kovalyova (feat. Jon Davis & Anton Zubarev)
I wish you love
Classic jazz
Narek Gevorgyan
Fusion / Folk